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Anti Aging FAQ

Do you offer dietary consultations?

Yes. Dr. Yerrington offers dietary and nutritional counseling which lasts anywhere from 30min to 1 hour. This is not covered by insurance.

How can I order more supplements?

Our friendly and courteous staff will be more than happy to order them for you and will call when your supplements are ready for pick-up. You may also click on our online store to see some of our most popular products.

Please call the office at 210-545-4060 if you have any questions on supplements, ordering or pick-up!

Please note, some products may be on back order due to high ordering demand and COVID-19.

What is ozone therapy?

Ozone Therapy therapy is a holistic and alternative approach of medicine that can be used both intravenously or an injection around injured joints or ligaments and has a broad range of benefits for the effects of healing. It is used for a broad range of medical conditions that will have to be consulted with Dr. Yerrington before use.

Do I have to be a patient to receivie anti-aging services?

No. However, many of our nutritional programs and functional medicines require consultations with Dr. Yerrington. But you do not have to become a patient in order to continue to receive treatment or purchase products.

What is pellet therapy and how does it help me?

Pellet Therapy is another technique used very effectively for bio identical hormone replacement therapy. It involves placement of tiny pellets in the subcutaneous tissue of the gluteal area and lasts between 3-6 months.

It is probably the MOST effective hormone replacement technique. It is a minor procedure lasting only 15 minutes and is well tolerated.

Pellet Therapy helps with bone density, sexual dysfunction, psychiatric problems related to moods and cognitive function, female breast health, triglycerides and lipid panels.

Does laser therapy work?

Yes. We offer a variety of laser procedures aiming to rejuvenate and reverse the effects of sun damage to aging skin. It can be helpful for brown spots, acne rosacea and fine lines and wrinkles.

What is phototherapy?

-Improves skin clarity, tone and texture.

-Increases testosterone production in men

-Reduces joint pain and inflammation

-Helps fading of scars and stretch marks

-Enhances weight loss

-Helps with hair regrowth

-Enhances muscle recovery

-Improves athletic performance


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