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IV Therapy

What is IV therapy?

IV stands for intravenous; otherwise known as administering treatment or service through the veins, going directly into the bloodstream to be circulated and absorbed efficiently for quicker response. Even the most nutrient dense meals often still lack proper percentages of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants because of mass production of produce and the poor quality of today's soil. With IV Therapy, you can control and precisely know how much your body is being given on a regular basis. Not only that, but your body receives it much faster as IV Therapy bypasses the GI tract and goes straight to the bloodstream allowing your body to benefit almost instantaneously! With IV Therapy, anything can be added and taken away to fit your individual needs!

What are the benefits of IV therapy?

- The body is able to heal itself with optimal nutrition in the body.

- Immediate results

- Better pre-exertional fueling for the body for any athletic event (ie. CrossFit, Spin, Triathlons, Marathons, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Striking, Yoga, Bar, Orange Theory, Football, Cheerleading, Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, Track & Field, etc.)

- Superior post exertional recovery

- Restores individuals suffering from low energy and fatigue

- Helps fight against chronic illness, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain/fibromyalgia, asthma

- Helps fight against age-related diseases (cancer & alzheimer's)

- Additional Cold and Flu prevention

- Dehydration

- Hangover Symptoms

- Recovery from long travel and jet lag

- Migraines and Headaches

- Cognitive improvement with support for those with ADD/ADHD

- Detoxes The Body from unwanted toxins

- Gives the body nutrients it cannot produce itself

- Reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression

- Helps with poor digestion absorption issues such as Crohn's Disease, Celiac Disease, IBS and much more

- Nutritional support in balancing hormones

- Helps skin appear fresh, clean, clear, and rejuvenated

- Helps those unable to eat normally

- Reduced reliance on prescription drugs

- Boosting the immune system

- Benefits to enhance weight loss

- Improvements in sleep and sleep patterns

- Help in the fight to reverse the aging process-telomere lengthening

Is IV therapy safe?

Yes! Our facility administers IV Treatments only by a Registered Nurse and/or Doctor. All of our staff come highly qualified with proven 5 plus years experience and exceptional training. All staff are certified under the state of Texas and are well equipped in the knowledge of IV Therapy and can answer any questions or concerns you may have before, during, and after treatment.

How often can I receive IV therapy & how long does treatment take?

The frequency of IV nutritional therapies varies drastically depending on medical diagnosis and physiologic need. Most therapies are weekly, some bi-weekly and maintenance therapies are often monthly. Some therapies are even done daily while prolonged infusions may last over a day.

Most of our formulations are meant to be given once every two weeks (2x/ month). However, bags such as the hangover cure can be taken as needed. The frequency depends on the patient and the response of the body to treatment. For overall balance of antioxidants and any vitamin deficiencies treatments are recommended 2x/month.

How long does the treatment take?

Pushes can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes depending upon the service. Drips can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours commonly. As noted previously, rarely infusions may require 18 plus hours dependent upon the service received(such as NAD detox for opioid addiction therapy). Any of our vitamin shots take only minutes. Before each visit we always take vitals and prep the area so you have a clean sterile environment to relax in. Selected patients with multiple health issues also require blood work before starting. You can expect the highest quality of care when coming to Flourish IV Nutritional Therapy.

What is a NAD push?

NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD). It is a coenzyme found in almost every cell in your body. It’s main purpose is to play a critical role in cellular energy production. Without NAD, your cells won’t be able to metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and amino acids. Without proper amounts, your body doesn't run as it should or could. NAD also plays a significant role in cellular mitochondrial and DNA protection which helps the body fight against age-related diseases. Therapeutic intervention protocols for opioid addiction are available but are at higher doses and for longer duration of intravenous administration, at times lasting over 18 hours. NAD has been demonstrated to achieve mitochondrial and DNA repair as well as lengthen Telomeres which may lengthen lifespan. NAD is administered through the veins, skipping the GI Tract and going straight to the bloodstream. The IV push lasts anywhere from 30-45 minutes and the IV drip lasts about an hour. For those unable to have an IV, or who have completed our NAD IV protocol it can be given as a long term anti-aging treatment subcutaneously. The greatest advantage physiologically appears to be from the IV push, but route of administration is customized to patient needs. Most athletes prefer the IV push as promoted by Ben Greenfield, Immersive Sports Journalist.The NAD IV push lasts anywhere from 8-14 days and can be administered as often as daily in treatment of withdrawal or as infrequently as monthly for long term maintenance. For those seeking health and regeneration we are recommending infusions twice a month for at least 6 months to achieve the greatest therapeutic benefits.

How does NAD help with cancer, intestinal and age-related diseases?

NAD therapy is very promising for cancer prevention. It has benefits in this regard through DNA repair and effective activation of molecular processes that inhibit cancer occurence. There is controversy regarding NAD therapy once cancer is more advanced and the final analysis has yet to be made. We do not recommend NAD to those already diagnosed with cancer until further research is done.

NAD plays a strong role in cellular regeneration, especially where cells are replicating rapidly as in the gut lining. This gives it a benefit for gut repair especially in those with gut dysfunction.

NAD also helps increase the functions of your neurons and helps the brain on a cellular level. It protects the cells from damage from toxic free radicals whether from outside sources or inside the body. It enhances concentration, focus, attention to details, task completion. Many report visual and auditory enhancement as well.

NAD also helps fight against the deposition of beta amyloid protein associated with Alzheimer's. With increased amounts of NAD, your body's cells are able to activate enzymes that help protect and correct DNA damage; enzymes such as sirtuins, that help cells live long healthy lives. Longer life of a cell means a longer healthier and stronger life for the whole body.

What is the Myer’s Cocktail?

This IV therapeutic formula was created by John Myer, a physician from Baltimore, Maryland. There are several commonly used variations which have expanded its usability in a broad grouping of patient issues. It can help resolve digestive issues, it helps to fight off chronic exhaustion, it revitalizes the body's energy, and fights off infection and fatigue!

The vitamins used in this service include: magnesium, calcium, B-vitamins, and Vitamin C. It is administered through the venous route.

What does the Myer’s Cocktail help with?

This IV therapeutic formula was created by John Myer, a physician from Baltimore, Maryland. There are several commonly used variations which have expanded its usability in a broad grouping of patient issues. It can help resolve digestive issues, it helps to fight off chronic exhaustion, it revitalizes the body's energy, and fights off infection and fatigue!

The vitamins used in this service include: magnesium, calcium, B-vitamins, and Vitamin C. It is administered through the venous route.

What does it help with?

1. Severe dehydration, otherwise known as the Hangover Cure

2. Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Asthma

3. Antioxidant Deficiency

4. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

5. Chronic or high amounts of Stress

6. Low Energy

7. Gives a boost in fighting off infection

Does IV therapy hurt?

We are the first to recognize that needles can be scary. But with our highly trained professional RN's, we make the insertion as efficient and painless as possible! Our nurses are also very patient with you and can walk you through the entire process if need be. Topical anesthetics are also available to be applied pre IV placement. For your convenience, we also have a TV for distraction, water, fans and blankets with every visit so you can feel right at home and completely forget why you're there in the first place. You will be in and out in no time!

Can IV therapy be used as preventative medicine?

Absolutely! Keeping your body balanced and your cells protected is an amazing preventive method against sickness or disease. We definitely recommend IV Therapy be considered as preventive care as well as interventional and restorative. However, the amazing benefits of healing to the cells cannot be denied.

On top of that, your body will be well hydrated and fully energized for any athletic event you may have, whether it's being a super mom to your family, (which is hands down the biggest athletic event there is known to man), or preparing for a competition of any kind. IV Therapy can help prevent injury and relieve soreness.

Please read "Benefits of IV Therapy" for more information!

What are the benefits of B-Complex?

1. Cell Health

2. Growth of Red Blood Cells

3. Energy Levels

4. Improves and/or Helps with EyeSight

5. Improves and/or Helps with Healthy Brain Function

6. Helps with Digestion

7. Helps with Proper Nerve Function

8. Helps promote a healthy appetite

9. Helps with your Hormones and Cholesterol Production

10. Helps with Cardiovascular Health

11. Helps with Muscle Tone (Helps build muscle and increase strength)

12. Especially Important for Women who are Pregnant and/or Breastfeeding

13. Aids in Fetal Brain Development

What is glutathione and what are its benefits?

What is Glutathione?

1. It is the most abundant antioxidant in the human body/ the master antioxidant in each cell.

2. It is the master of sequestering free radicals.

3. It maintains healthy oxidant-reductant levels off the cells.

4. It protects the immune system from oxidative stress, allowing newly formed immune cells to proliferate to attack germs and viruses.

5. It protects the DNA in the nucleus of the cell.

6. It protects the Mitochondrial DNA of the cell (powerhouse of the cell).

7. It is the first line of protection against environmental and chemical toxins

8. Only Antioxidant that can recycle itself


1. Promotes gut health

2. Helps prevent heart disease

3. Takes care of our skin

4. Flushes out toxins

5. Reduces inflammation

6. Fights Bacteria

7. Strengthens Muscles & improves endurance/

8. Cardiovascular System Enhancer

9. Promotes Cognitive health

10. Fortifies the bones

1. Boosts the immune system

12. Promotes overall longevity

Improves sleep


1. Dr. David Perlmutter is the main leading pioneer of glutathione



7 benefits of high dosage vitamin-C

1. May reduce your risk of chronic disease

2. May help manage high blood pressure

3. May lower your risk of heart disease

4. May reduce blood uric acid levels and help prevent gout attacks

5. Helps prevent iron deficiency

6. Helps boosts immunity

7. Helps protect your memory and thinking as you age


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