Flourish Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine




Under the professional and advanced care of Dr. Robert F. Yerrington MD., PA you will receive comprehensive, advanced health screenings and diagnostic tests that have been shown to help detect health and other concerning issues earlier on. These tests and screenings are not typically covered by commercial insurance or Medicare, but due to our affiliation with MDVIP, every patient signed up under this program is able to experience the in-depth comprehensive exam and follow-up as well as special pricings for our “in house” recovery & wellness services.

The results established through the MDVIP Annual Wellness Exam 1 & 2 give a clearer picture of your overall health and how to establish a safe and effective health program moving forward. This amount of time spent with physicians these days is unheard of, but at Flourish Wellness Center we take your health seriously. Come discover the difference of personalized managed health care under Dr. Robert F. Yerrington MD., PA. See how in depth years of knowledge, research and experience truly does make a difference in the diagnosing of your health and continued health plans moving forward. From anti-aging programs to weight-loss, hypertension, diabetes, depression and more. With Dr. Yerrington’s experience with traditional medicine and alternative care/ therapies, we are sure to find exactly what you need.