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Your body needs oxygen to survive. Literally! Now with mHBOT we are able to safely and effectively provide substantial, expedited healing for acute and chronic conditions and is a non-invasive therapy option. Our mHBOT is FDA approved and enhances your body's natural ability to heal by increasing your atmospheric pressure up to 1.3 ATA. This helps increase your body's natural oxygen carrying capacity through the bloodstream by increasing vascular blood flow and decreasing inflammation.

Located in San Antonio, Texas in the heart of Alamo Heights


Physiologic Renewal

A gradual, but discernible increase in overall well being that includes muscular recovery, cognitive improvement, and overall enhancement of tissue healing.

Anti Aging

Due to more efficient cellular metabolism and lengthening of telomeres, mHBOT is an effective tool in combination with other therapy treatments for a comprehensive anti aging protocol. 

Immune System 

Enhancement which has recently been utilized for such issues as “long covid” and chronic fatigue.

Enhanced Performance

mHBOT's helps decrease inflammation and increase vascular blood flow. By achieving these two qualities within the body, mHBOT has been proven to enhance sports performance and overall well being: from being sick, fighting chronic/acute pain & expedites healing from sports injuries as well as increases sleep optimization. 

Commonly Asked Questions

What is mHBOT and what does it do?

mHBOT is an increase of atmospheric pressure and increased inspired oxygen.

We breathe in 21% Oxygen at sea level then the rest is made up of nitrogen.

We carry oxygen in red blood cells. Red blood cells carry a molecule called hemoglobin that binds to oxygen. Oxygen is released by the hemoglobin and gets to our tissues and enters our cells and helps us make ATP- the molecule that empowers all our bodily functions.. We only have a certain amount of oxygen carrying capacity due to the limited number of red blood cells we have in circulation. Thus, any treatment that increases the supply of oxygen to our tissues will be of great value to our wellbeing.

We can increase our oxygen carrying capacity by: 1. increasing red blood cells we have in circulation through altitude training or take blood out and then transfuse ourselves before a race (blood doping) or 2. We can increase oxygen pressure in the air we breathe. Increasing atmospheric oxygen up to 100% has limited benefit and potential harm when used too long. One can only achieve 100% saturation of hemoglobin with this technique and the increase in tissue oxygen is small. However, if you increase atmospheric pressure (simulating the pressure we would feel under a certain amount of sea water…) you can change your physiology as it drives increased oxygen into the plasma or the liquid of your bloodstream. This is extremely beneficial to all body chemistry.

There are 3 ways that hyperbaric oxygen dosages can be adjusted: 1) degree of pressure used, 2) amount of oxygen given under pressure and 3) duration of treatment under pressure, number, and frequency of treatments. The degree of pressure can vary from “mild hyperbaric” (mHBOT) at 1.5 atmospheres of pressure or full HBOT at 2 or more atmospheres of pressure.


What are the top 3 reasons why someone should do mHBOT?

Physiologic renewal - a gradual but discernible increase in overall wellbeing that includes muscular recovery, cognitive improvement, and overall enhancement of tissue healing

Antiaging benefits - due to more efficient cellular metabolism and lengthening of telomeres

Immune system enhancement which has recently been utilized for such issues as “long covid” and chronic fatigue.


Is Your mHBOT FDA approved:

Yes! A prior consultation & doctor’s prescription is required before use of treatment as our mHBOT is from Summit-to-Sea and is a Class II Medical Device.


Is this covered by Insurance?

As mHBOT is growing world wide some insurance companies will accept mHBOT treatment for certain conditions. However, at Flourish Wellness Center all treatments for mHBOT or any of our wellness & recovery services are considered Private Pay. You may submit your invoices to your insurance company for acceptance or denial of coverage.


How long are mHBOT treatments?

Treatments and sessions vary depending upon symptoms, conditions and goals of treatment. Typical sessions will be 60 min. In some c ases they cam last up to 2 hours. Frequency of sessions will vary ,depending upon the condition being treated, from 1-3 to 20-40 sessions possibly up to 60 sessions(especially in chronic illness like long covid or chronic mono).


How much does it cost?

For pricing and costs please call 210-637-9539.


How do I prepare? What do I do during & what do I do after?

BEFORE: We typically recommend minimal clothing, something you would feel comfortable sleeping in. You may choose to wash your face and hair so that your body is clean of any makeup or hair products, lotions and perfumes. You may choose to do a 30min infrared sauna session as well beforehand to enhance vascular flow before treatment.

DURING: Once in the chamber you can bring your iphone, ipad or any smart device for entertainment unless you are prescribed higher Oxygen delivered by mask during your treatment. You may also bring books. We simply ask that you bring no sharp or hazardous materials into the chamber. No permanent markers. During your session we encourage our patients to find a “comfortable spot” to focus on their breathing and relax. For first time users the mild increase in pressure in the chamber can be a little uncomfortable at first, but we will teach you how to equalize the pressure in your ears. This is the same as learning to scuba dive or fly in a pressurized airplane cabin. You are able to adjust the cushions on the mat in the chamber very easily so your experience will be enjoyable..

AFTER: Relax and drink water. You may feel slight fatigue after your first treatment but more commonly a rush of energy after your first few sessions due to the oxygen that is getting to the mitochondria of your cells.


How to optimize my mHBOT treatment beforehand?

Functional Medicine

Foundational Testing

Optimizing Vascular flow:

Lights & Infrared Sauna

Cold Therapy

Supplements that help with vascular flow

Breathing techniques


Can I workout after my mHBOT treatment?

Yes! You can even do it after. We recommend 1 session before a workout, then workout and wait 4 hours before your second mHBOT session.


What does your clinic provide?

We provide walkie talkies, a portable fan, a therapeutic pillows and a light weight blanket.


Is your chamber a hard or soft chamber?

At Flourish Wellness Center we have a mild hyperbaric chamber (soft chamber).


Who should do mHBOT:

Disclaimer - anyone needs to go through prior authorization

Anyone who needs to reverse low oxygen levels

Long Covid Recovery

Surgical Recovery & Plastic Surgery

Synergistically with Cancer Treatment - use after IV’s as well as red light

Sports Injuries - acute inflammation and swelling (sprained ankle)

Lyme Disease & other biotoxin illnesses

Neuro Degenerative Diseases: Mild forms of dementia (early stages more beneficial), autism, learning disabilities, ALS, parkinsons, migraine headaches, multiple sclerosis, post concussion syndromes, Traumatic Brain Injury / Concussions, post treatment of stroke patients

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

Pain Management - modulate the immune system

Autoimmune Conditions: Ulcerous Colitis, MS, Lukgaris,

Fatigue & Low energy - Increase energy

Sleep disorders

Ringing of Ears

Minor Wound Healing



Who do you not treat for mHBOT?

Diabetes wounds such as gangrene

Decompression Sickness

Serious Infections - gangrene

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Serious Burn Patients

Acute Spinal Cord Injuries

Chronic bone infection

Acute Heart Attacks

Radiation Injury


What are the Benefits of mHBOT:

Decrease inflammation

Increases vascular blood flow

Reverse low oxygen states

Improves Cognitive optimization

Reduces Brain Fog

Improve quality of life

Improve athletic performance

Help lengthen telomeres

Tissue repair & stimulates new tissue growth


How does mHBOT help with wound healing?

When tissues are struggling because of infection. White blood cells don't work well with inadequate levels of oxygen. The tissues won't receive stimulants it needs to grow. Hyperbaric dissolves in the blood (not the red blood cells, the liquid part of the blood). It won't revive dead tissue, but if we can squeeze some fluid part of the blood into those tissues that are at risk we can rejuvenate the tissue at risk.