Location & General Questions

Where are you located and do you travel for in-home appointments?

Our address:

366 W. Sunset Rd., Bldg. 2,

San Antonio, TX 78209

We are right in the heart of Alamo Heights, just minutes away from the airport and right off 281 and Sunset. We are across the street from All Smiles Dental in a complex called The Enclave.

Do you have to become a patient in order to receive any private pay services?

We do not require you to be a patient of Dr Yerrington before receiving therapy, but a comprehensive health screening questionnaire is always completed pre appointment. All anti-aging and regenerative medicine and recovery services are private pay services. We do accept HSA accounts and/or Care Credit.

Private Pay services give you the convenience of receiving services without the oversight of a third party like an insurance company.

However, if you are looking for a Personal Physician for you or your family, Dr Yerrington offers comprehensive care for both insurance based health care and also full Regenerative Medicine/Antiaging Medicine.

We warmly invite you to see Dr. Yerrington if desired, but you may receive many of our therapies with only the medical screening by our RN.

If you desire, you may sign-up for different short term or long term packages we offer, or you may schedule your appointment when desired.

Am I eligible for treatments?

Most, if not everyone can benefit from being well hydrated, receiving the Myer's Cocktail and many of the other services we offer. With that being said, we offer consultations provided to you by our Medical Doctor, Robert F. Yerrington. Dr Yerrington has over 30 years of Medical Experience and dual Board Certification in both Family Medicine and Anti Aging/Regenerative Medicine, with additional qualifications in primary care Sports Medicine and training in Nutrition/Herbology/and Injury Rehabilitation.

Dr. Yerrington is a man of great care and detail. He will be sure to cover every need the patient may have and answer their questions. From there he will be able to clearly assess and prescribe a protocol that is just right. He prepares individualized services. So if it's not on our menu, don't worry about it! We can custom make anything to meet your body's individual needs.

Do you see children?

Yes, of all ages and provide limited vaccinations.

May I use my HSA to pay?


What alternative therapies are offered at your office?

Please review our anti-aging and regenerative medicine page as well as our IV Therapy page to see the host of extensive alternative therapies Doctor Yerrington provides.

How do I book an appointment?

For general wellness and all routine medical issues call 210-545-4060 and our staff will be happy to assist you.

For all IV Therapy appointments please call our alternative line at 210-414-2131.

What happens if I am tested positive for COVID-19?

If testing positive for COVID-19, Flourish Wellness Center recommends that you follow the recommended guidelines from the CDC.

Please report any high fever, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing immediately.

How do I create an account?

For all Family Care services, please create an account with CureMD and for IV Therapy services, please create an account with Mindbody.

Do you offer televisits?

Yes, but only for scenarios that meet the requirements.

General requirements are laboratory follow-ups, blood pressure diary follow-ups, & blood sugar follow-ups.

Examples that are not allowed: general check-ups, any kind of general wellness exam, annual physicals, sports physicals, general trauma, etc…

Will anything be covered by my health insurance?

Please review our allopathic page for a list of insurances Dr. Yerrington accepts. See below the insurances Dr. Yerrington currently accepts for your convienience.

*Please note these insurances will be subject to change.*

Aetna (not all plans, patient must verify)​

Baptist Health System PHO -




First Health

Meritain Health



Galaxy Health Network



Tricare for life and standard

United Healthcare

(Except for secure horizons through AARP)

Is there a late cancellation fee or a no show fee?

Yes. $45.00 for standard appointments and $50.00 for physical appointments

How do I refill prescriptions?

Please call the office at 210-545-4060 and one of our staff members will be glad to assist you on any refills needed that were prescribed by Dr. Yerrington.

How do I gain access to the patient portal?

See below for the patient portal link for your convenience. You may also find it on our allopathic page listed at the top!


Why do I have to get my labs done every three months?

Dr. Yerrington follows the highest standards set by the American Academy of Family Medicine and the Texas Medical Association and American Academy of Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine recommendations for both initial diagnostics and routine surveillance monitoring of chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, hyper colesteralnia and other chronic diseases.

It is very important for properly monitoring liver functions etc, especially patients that take medications for high cholesterol & high blood pressure.


Flourish Wellness Center
366 W. Sunset Rd., Bldg. 2
San Antonio, TX 78209
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