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Being able to recover quickly is the aim for most if not all athletes. But the same holds true for those not in competitive sports as well. Compression boot therapy by Hyperice, an American health technology company founded in 2010, the Normatec Compression Boots are a great way to help aid your recovery process, whether it’s joint pain, swelling in the feet, muscle aches and/or lactic acid build up. Our Normatec Compression Boots are a great addition to any service at Flourish Wellness Center.

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Improves Circulation

The boots have 7 levels of pressure and with their patented technology the boots have the ability to model our biological entities thus mimicking our own leg pump that helps increase circulation in our legs while reducing delayed onset muscle soreness.

Enhances Lymphatic Drainage

Along with improving circulation, the boots biomimicry also have a unique ability to enhance lymphatic drainage and help combat fatigue & pain.

Removes Waste

As the Normatec boots compress and decompress, they are improving blood flow circulation which directly affects waste. The waste now is able to circulate more quickly and exit the body!

Improves Range of Motion

As the boots compress and decompress and with regular use, they are able to act as a massage therapist. Aiding in the process of improving range of motion and flexibility.


Commonly Asked Questions

What are the health benefits of Compression Boot Therapy?

  • Improves circulation
  • Enhance Lymphatic Drainage
  • Remove waste products including lactic acid build up
  • Improves range of motion
  • Improves Flexibility
  • Decreases recovery time 


What does Compression Boot Therapy do for the body?

It increases oxygenated blood flow to the body, mainly muscles and helps reduce swelling, inflammation and promotes healing in the tissues. It’s also gained a reputation in injury prevention.


Who should do Compression Boot Therapy?

Anyone and everyone. Whether you are a competitive athlete or live a more sedentary lifestyle, compression boots are great for helping increase blood flow circulation, which we all need.


Can I do Compression Boot Therapy every day?

Yes! The recovery boots act as massage so whether you would like to go for 10min or 30 min, your body will thank you.