Normatec Compression Boot Therapy

Normatec Compression Boot Therapy

The Normatec Compression Boots use compressed air to massage your legs, mobilize fluid and speed up recovery. The boots inflate and relax in segments to mimic the natural muscle pump of the body to mobilize waste products and enhance lymphatic drainage. 

It helps to improve blood flow to your heart, support your veins and decrease swelling in your lower extremities. It is a great tool for recvoery and general well being. Sessions can last anywhere from 15-30 min.

Top 5 Benefits include:

1. Decrease muscle tension and inflammation

2. Decrease recovery time from the gym or general soreness

3. Increase range of motion and flexibility 

4. Reduce swelling and water accumalation 

5. Help increase circulation

To book your appt. call/text 210-637-9539

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