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Why do a treadmill stress test?

Treadmill Stress Test


First and foremost, we perform a treadmill stress test if to rule out Coronary Artery Disease on an individual.

A treadmill stress test is also done routinely to evaluate people who have complaints of chest pain to help discern whether the source of the pain is cardiac or other sources.  It is also done as part of an executive physical for men and women over 40 years of age as a preventive medicine procedure.

Treadmill testing can also be done to evaluate excessive induced asthma and to determine fitness level for athletes. It can also be utilized to asses individuals who have been sedentary in their lifestyle for a prolonged period of time to assess their capability in order to begin exercise at a prescribed intensity that they should begin with.

Even in completely asymptomatic individuals a treadmill stress test may be utilized to evaluate an abnormal EKG discovered on a routine physcial exam.

This underscores and emphasizes the importance of doing a thorough annual physical exam for men and women, specifically those over 40.

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